It’s Not the Holidays ’til the Angels Sing: Virtual Concert Wrapup

A resounding thank you to all who joined us for our virtual concert, It’s Not the Holidays ‘til the Angels Sing, which ran on YouTube between December 12, 2020 and January 7, 2021. We are thrilled that over 43,000 fans from around the world were able to tune in.

When we embarked on this massive undertaking, we didn’t know what to expect from either the choir members or you, our audience. Would this idea work? Would anyone tune in? Would choir members be able to record themselves? How would we all stay on beat or on pitch? But in typical ACC fashion, despite the numerous barriers, time commitments, or lack of technical prowess, choir members showed up with their “ready or not here we go” spirit. Armed with that spirit and the Field of Dreams hope that if we sang, people would come listen, we dove in.

Conceived by ACC’s illustrious Artistic Director, Sue Fink, and directed by the amazingly talented and patient, Jill D’Agnenica, the concert was compiled of 2,867 raw audio and video files, or 409 per song. Needless to say, the editing and producing teams worked 24/7 to put it all together in time for the opening.

Producer Kate Varley beautifully summed up the experience, “The most unexpected thing for me was feeling close to everyone even though we were all separated by the pandemic. And the joy I think we were still able to experience and then beam out to everyone who was watching from wherever they call home.”

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