Why Walk When You Can Fly?


In several long evening recording sessions, the chorale recorded a beautiful CD in an exquisite setting: the Wilshire United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA.

This CD captures the beauty, spirit and unique quality of Angel City Chorale.


1. On Children
2. Ubi Caritas
3. That Lonesome Road
4. Soon Ah Will Be Done
5. Sleep My Child
6. Bashana Haba'ah
7. Alleluia (from Brazilian Psalm)
8. Ave Maria
9. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
10. Shut de Do
11. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
12. You Are the New Day
13. Angel
14. Operator
15. Urban Scenes/Creole Dream
16. Why Walk When You Can Fly?
17. If I Had a Hammer
18. O Sifuni Mungu
19. Lean Close

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