Why Walk When You Can Fly?


In several long evening recording sessions, the chorale recorded a beautiful CD in an exquisite setting: the Wilshire United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA.

This CD captures the beauty, spirit and unique quality of Angel City Chorale.


[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/on-children.mp3″ text=”1. On Children” dl=”0″]
2. Ubi Caritas
3. That Lonesome Road
[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/soon-ah-will-be-done.mp3″ text=”4. Soon Ah Will Be Done” dl=”0″]
5. Sleep My Child
[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/bashana-haba-ah.mp3″ text=”6. Bashana Haba’ah” dl=”0″]
7. Alleluia (from Brazilian Psalm)
8. Ave Maria
9. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
10. Shut de Do
11. Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child
12. You Are the New Day
13. Angel
[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/operator.mp3″ text=”14. Operator” dl=”0″]
15. Urban Scenes/Creole Dream
[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/why-walk-when-you-can-fly.mp3″ text=”16. Why Walk When You Can Fly?” dl=”0″]
17. If I Had a Hammer
[wpaudio url=”/wp-content/uploads/o-sifuni-mungu.mp3″ text=”18. O Sifuni Mungu” dl=”0″]
19. Lean Close

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