Imagine a string of holiday lights wrapped around the world. At first, you don't notice it. All you see is the world, spinning slowly on its axis – our island planet, our home. Suddenly, the first light in the string comes on, a bright red. Then the next, yellow. Then like a tumble of dominos, the next bulb and the next and next: blue, green, orange. On and on until the entire string encircling the earth is aglow.

Welcome to Light Up the World!

The holidays have always been festive gatherings of family and friends making connections and merry. For many Angelenos the Angel City Chorale holiday concert has become the official start of the season captured by our slogan, “It’s not the holidays until the Angels sing!”

Never taking these cherished times for granted again, we’ll jumpstart the joy this year with our return to live performance – and our debut appearance at Royce Hall on the beautiful UCLA campus in Westwood.

Angel City Chorale will be following all CDC and Los Angeles County Health protocols to ensure a healthy and safe concert experience.  We hope you'll join us in our fine new venue.

For more information on Light Up the World, Click Here.

Royce Hall

Royce Hall Interior


“As a choir, we exist to bring people together, to elevate the human spirit and celebrate our unity of spirit and diversity of expression. We may be separated by walls and distance, but not by heart – not from each other or from the beauty and diversity of the city we represent. We firmly believe that we will make it through this crisis, that we will come together again, sing together again and fly again.”

- Sue Fink, Founder and Artistic Director

Angel City Chorale is proud to release a life-affirming music video to remind the people of Los Angeles and beyond – “We will fly again!”

In the face of the COVID-19 epidemic, we feel compelled to offer our conviction that, while it may seem we are all facing this crisis alone, we can still create extraordinary beauty together.

The 4-minute video features the chorale members pursuing their daily safer-at-home routines – ranging from home schooling and cooking to providing medical care – and pulls these disparate yearnings together for a moving expression of determination and resilience. The soundtrack is our live concert recording of Christopher Tin’s “Sogno di Volare” (The Dream of Flight), a soaring expression of the indomitable human spirit. Tin’s lyrics originate in the writings of Leonardo da Vinci about his own imaginings of flight.

Many thanks to Jill D'Agnenica for her artistic contributions to our SOGNO DI VOLARE video!

Sogno di Volare

Thank you to the @CountyofLA Board of Supervisors for approving our #LACountyOGP award, and for supporting arts and culture in LA County!


Special thanks to our printer WMFY for your ongoing support and generous contribution!



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